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NCIS emphasizes on supply related activities of service. NCIS of Nomads Chain through its nationwide/broad supply network selects number one, leading and domestic manufacturing companies as its suppliers and establishes efficient cooperation with them. We support national, regional and local production and business market. We have long term cooperation with major Mongol supplier and manufacturers. We audit and help local suppliers to reach international standard. Our international expertise in sourcing is well known on the market. NCIS always considers Health, Safety and Environment and food safety as a priority. All our operations are following international standards. When necessary, through our foreign based office, we are able to import at the best conditions.

NCIS’s warehouse is located in Khan-Uul District, Ulaanbaatar. The current warehouse stores dry, frozen and liquid food supplies, as well as cleaning supplies. It meets international safety standards and help NCIS to meet HACCP standards. Storage buildings are equipped with frames designed for loading and feature protective doors to shelter stored goods from rain, snow and dust. For the safety of the workers, it includes manual elevator, carriage, and electronic lifter.

Transportation services
Company owns two trucks and leases the rest for other necessary transportation. The trucks range from refrigerated trucks to box trucks to heated box trucks with capacities ranging from 2.5 tons to 20 tons. Depending on the camp size, the trucks transport food products once or twice a week. Going forward, NCIS plans to stop leasing and to purchase and own all of the trucks used for logistics.
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