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Tailored to your requirements

Improving satisfaction to our client working in extreme environments.
We provide local and international food, each meal we are preparing will deliver a dose of energy, confidence, conviviality and recreation. We make sure that our customers have the highest quality of life in their on-site day-to-day life.
Our national team manages supply chain as a whole: from food supply to the service. Our highly qualified chef prepare well balanced and nutritious dish with the best health standard in respect of all culinary, dietary and religious practices.
NCIS can provide a full catering service to meet your exact requirements.
  • On-site catering service
  • Off-site delivery meals
  • Night meal
  • Special Event Catering (festivals, ceremony and events)
  • Special Need Food Service (different nationalities food practice, religious and dietary require)
  • Dining Service
NCIS strives to provide the highest quality of food, reliability and effectiveness in prepared foods, while continually meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations. We will exceed the expectations of our customers by providing superior food quality and exceptional service. Products and services are monitored through continuous management participation and customer response.
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