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We gain experience in building and renovating camp, restaurant and hotel in all part of the country. Our professional and highly qualified engineering and construction team offer optimal solutions for temporary and permanent camp. Our scope of service include Engineering, design, restoration of existing structure, planning, site preparation, supply and installation of all equipment., after sale service. All these services comply with the best environment and safety regulation. Our knowledge of the country allows us to mobilize professional team and build your camp in relative short period with high quality of service. We are able to provide all camp facilities and engineering networking such as: electricity, heating, ventilation, plumbing ground networking and fire system.

NCIS and sub-contractors comply with all Mongolian Safety, Health, Environment laws and regulation, Construction norm and Construction materials standard in all our construction work and operation. Our national expert team will design the best solution for mining, construction and road camps. The construction work includes but is not limited to the following:
• Camp Design & Construction planning
• Camp Construction Work
• Space Planning & Interior Design
• Construction of Catering & Kitchen Facilities
• Construction of Laundry House
• Ablution Block
• Installation of Generator, Water Tank, Fuel Tank and other equipment

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